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Tiffani in the gym doing cable tricep rope pushdown

4 Ways to Take Your Workout Indoors

lifestyle workouts Mar 18, 2020

Now that the beautiful summer weather is long gone, don’t let that derail your workouts. If the late sunrise, earlier sunset, and colder temperatures throw a wrench into your outdoor exercise routine, then it’s time to take your workout indoors.


Gym  Do you have a gym membership? If not, are you considering getting one? When the weather gets bad, taking your workout into the gym and cross-training will  improve your fitness level, prevent injury and boredom, and help change the shape of your body. Gyms are great places as they have a wide variety of cardiovascular and weight training equipment. Many even offer pilates and yoga classes, personal training (individual and group), group strength training classes, Zumba, and spinning. If you’re really lucky, you can find one with a lap pool.

Indoor Boot Camp  In most major cities, boot camp-style training programs are popping up. Loosely based on military boot camp training programs, you’ll push yourself through a series of calisthenics, running, and circuit training. It’s great for camaraderie, cross-training, and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Both outdoor and indoor boot camps are available.

Exercise DVDs  If you can’t afford a gym membership or don’t have one conveniently located near your home, school, or workplace, then make your home your personal gym. One of the least expensive, and most effective ways to get a great in-home workout is with exercise DVDs. There are so many to choose from – classic aerobics, step aerobics, boxing, tae bo, boot camp, Zumba, turbo jam, pilates, yoga, weight training, and the ever popular P90X. If you’re afraid to commit to purchasing one, head over to the local library and check one out. Another great resource is, where they have hundreds of titles to choose from and well-versed staff members who can help you out.

In-home Circuit Training Another way to turn your home into a gym is by stocking it with basic weights, resistance bands, and a jump rope. Pretty inexpensive stuff that takes up very little room. You can always add on to these basics by investing in a BOSU ball or stability discs, a Body Bar, kettle bells, a stability ball, a hula-hoop, or even a slide board. Use these components to set up a circuit and push yourself to get a killer cardio and weight training workout all in one. 

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