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MOM written on hearts hung on a clothesline

Every Day is Mother’s Day!

lifestyle May 09, 2020

 Mother’s Day is tomorrow. For those of us who are lucky to celebrate the day with our moms (even if it’s over FaceTime), or even as moms ourselves, we need to remember that this day, which officially tells us to honor our moms, should not just be an annual event!

Being a mother changes your whole perspective on the world, doesn’t it? As soon as we became moms, we started to worry more about the environment, the World debt, politics, national security… we could go on and on… Being a mother makes you a better citizen of the world and it is up to us to make this world a better place for our kids, not only on a local scale but on a national level as well.

Get involved in your local community (you can still make a difference virtually too!). It is a great place to start. Find out how your local school prepares their food. Who are the local healthcare providers in your school for kids and can they help the schools with ideas for healthy behavior? You could be that bridge on a local level! How about the politicians in your local town or state? Do they have children’s interests in mind? Find out and get involved! Help them with their efforts or try to put someone else in office who can really make a difference. It is an invigorating feeling to get involved!

We swear ladies, we sometimes think that if a MOM ruled the world, we wouldn’t have half these issues! Being a MOM is a job that needs to be celebrated every day of the year! Take the time out of your day to honor your Mom and everything she has done for you- we bet she is doing one hell of a job!