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the word magnesium surrounded by bowls filled with nuts and seeeds

Find Out Why Magnesium is The King of Minerals

lifestyle nutrition May 16, 2022

Introducing… Magnesium! Otherwise known as The King of Minerals.

Now, not any nutrient can get this grandiose title.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and plays several important roles in maintaining our health. For one, it aids in heart muscle contraction (providing a normal heart rhythm). Secondly, it’s an important mineral for nerve function and maintaining bone density. Furthermore, magnesium is involved in glucose and insulin metabolism. The role magnesium plays supports research that those who have a diet with higher magnesium ingestion are in turn at lower risk for diabetes. Here’s a little fun science fact of the day: magnesium is needed for over 300 chemical reactions in the human body. This helps put into perspective just how vital this nutrient is for us.

Feeling tired? Magnesium is required for converting the food you eat into energy. This nutrient can also be your friend the next time you have PMS symptoms. Many who experience severe PMS symptoms lack in their magnesium intake. Ingesting this nutrient will not stop the symptoms entirely, but it can make them more manageable and you can go about your day without much concern. Magnesium can reduce inflammation in the body as well. This is beneficial because inflammation can cause extreme pain. In addition, improve your digestion with magnesium, as it helps minerals pass through cell walls – get the full benefits from the foods you eat. Guess what? Juice cleanse no more! Magnesium is your new source for flushing out toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides.

We’ve put together this chart to help you decide which form of magnesium is best for YOU! Most people are magnesium deficient and can benefit from a supplement, especially at night. Aim for 400mg of magnesium per day. You can safely increase the dosage to 800-1000mg (split the dose to twice a day) – everybody is different and everyone will respond to a different dosage.

Some of our favorite foods that contain ample amounts of magnesium are pumpkin seeds, tempeh, kidney beans, cashews, almonds, quinoa, avocado, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and tofu. Although, the three foods that count as excellent sources of magnesium are spinach,Swiss chard, and beet greens. Fruits, dairy products, and meats are not typical sources of magnesium.

Can you guess what top 3 magnesium foods Americans consume? It’s coffee, beer, and french fries. These foods (and drinks) weren’t listed for magnesium rich foods because they aren’t that great sources of this nutrient – Americans just happen to eat/drink a lot of these three options.

Whenever you think of magnesium, think King of Minerals – good for you in so many ways.