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taco with avocado, zucchini and eggs topped with cilantro and lime slices

Green Goddess Breakfast Tacos

breakfast dairy-free grain-free low-carb paleo Mar 01, 2022

We love tacos. Being from Southern California and Arizona, it just kind of makes sense.

But a taco, to us, is kind of like a blank canvas. You can pretty much throw anything together and wrap it in a grain-free tortilla, and it’s going to taste amazing! Our favorite grain-free tortillas are from Siete tortillas!

Now, a breakfast taco can be as easy as scrambling some eggs and topping it with your favorite salsa, cheese, and avocado.

But that’s just so…been there, done that. We need a breakfast taco that packs a punch of flavor and doesn’t taste like any breakfast taco we’ve had before. Plus it has to pack in a ton of veggies. You need to get your smart carbs and fiber to go along with your protein (eggs).

And while we’re on the subject of eggs, do you prefer whole eggs or egg whites? Yes, eating whole eggs has been given the green light by the food police, so if that’s how you like your eggs, then enjoy them. You’ll be getting a nice dose of the phytochemicals lutein and zeaxanthin, which are great for protecting your eyes from macular degeneration. Plus, the yolks are rich in brain-boosting choline.

Our pick for eggs? Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs. Yes, pasture-raised is the gold standard when it comes to eggs. Remember, you eat what the animal eats!

But, for those of you who prefer the taste of egg whites, there’s no shame in kicking the yolks to the curb. You can make up the healthy fat with some luscious avocado.

Our new favorite breakfast taco is called the Green Goddess taco because it is filled with three types of green veggies, is topped with a rockin’ salsa verde, and finished off with some creamy avocado. 

Yes, there’s plenty of green happening here in flavor town. Let us know what you think, or if you try any variations!