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No Fail Tips to Reach Your Wellness Goals

lifestyle Dec 26, 2022

New Years and goal setting go hand-in-hand. The first of January is seen as a time to make some real changes. A time to achieve those dreams or a time to finally start working out regularly. Whatever it is, people most often declare, “this is my year. I will succeed.”

We all know these goals are on the backburner by February. Your schedule got too busy. You lost all motivation. It’s too hard to keep track of your progress.

This will never happen again.

The secret: you can make and achieve your goals any time of the year.

Oh yes, this is unlike your other New Years goal setting articles. Sure, use the new year as an excuse to make some changes. But when March rolls around and you need to make new goals or adjustments, please do so! You do not have to wait until the clock strikes midnight on January first to start on your goals.

Treat every day like the new year. Every day is a new opportunity to progress on your goals.

With that said, we would like to kick off 2023 with a no fail guide on how to set a goal(s) you will achieve and be proud of. It will require some thought and focus, but you got this, all you ROCKin women! Bookmark this page, so you can come back to it in May or October. 


Our No-Fail Tips to Reach Your Wellness and Fitness Goals

Choose one goal. 

You can easily make an entire list of fitness and wellness goals. However, if you tackle too many goals at once, you will quickly feel overwhelmed. It will be harder to stay motivated and keep track of progress. 

Instead, choose one goal at a time and stick to it. Make sure this goal means something to you, not to someone else. It will be easy to prioritize this goal when it’s something you personally want to improve. 

Set a specific goal. 

Here’s an example of a vague and general goal: I want to be fit. 

How are you defining “fit”? Does this mean you want to lose five pounds? Run two miles non-stop? Complete 15 bicep curls with 15-pound dumbbells? Go to the gym four days a week for one month?

General goals have no focus. For this example, it’s too easy to change your definition of “fit” one month into your progress. You won’t ever feel satisfied… which is something we want to avoid. 

Instead, by making the goal more specific and quantifying it, you can measure your goal and track your progress easily. You have a set definition of what you’re going to achieve. 

Set a time-bound goal.

It’s important to set a timeline for achieving your goal. Without a deadline, your motivation will waver and decrease. Deadlines also help you make a structured, concrete plan. You can break down your larger goal into actionable smaller checkpoints.

For example, if you’re trying to run three miles non-stop in six weeks, your plan can include running one mile non-stop by week two, running two miles non-stop by week four, and finally running three miles non-stop by week six. Sounds great to us!

Set a realistic goal. 

Change takes time. If you can currently complete five full push-ups and aim to complete fifteen full push-ups, this won’t happen in one week. It could take a month or more to hit this goal. 

Before you finalize your goal, take a step back and assess your current lifestyle. Think about how busy you are and how much time every week you can dedicate to achieving your specific goal. Then set a timeline. 

If you’re halfway into your deadline and find you need more time, go ahead and extend the deadline. It’s your journey, and you’re in charge. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of your goal and stick to it!

Be patient. 

Noticeable progress takes time and it isn’t linear. You may take steps back some days. It’s normal. Be kind to yourself.

Reward yourself. 

When you hit a milestone, reward yourself. Now, we don’t recommend rewarding yourself with food, as this can create an unhealthy relationship. Instead, buy something related to your goal, such as a new spatula or a yoga mat. Rewards can also be free, such as allowing yourself to watch an extra episode of a TV show, taking a hot bubble bath, or simply giving yourself a well-earned high five. 

We have given ourselves a high-five and can say it definitely made us happier! 

Additional Tips

  • Avoid any negative words when making a goal, such as “I won’t ever…” or “I can’t…”. Goals are all about being positive and motivating. 
  • Write down your goals and keep them in a visible place. This will remind you of what you’re striving towards. 
  • Go ahead and give yourself a pep talk when you need it. Yep, look in the mirror and talk out loud to yourself. It works. And smile.
  • Plan ahead. If your goal is to try a new leafy green every day next week, buy your ingredients on Sunday. That way, if your days become too busy to hit the grocery store, you already have your ingredients. If you have a fitness related goal that depends on hitting the weights, you can use everyday objects around the house in place of dumbbells. Water jugs and heavy books make great replacements for weights when you can’t find the time to hit the gym. 
  • Have a good support system. It’s so much more exciting and motivating to share your progress with friends and family. 

Now you have all the tools to reach and surpass your fitness and wellness goals. Let us know what your goals are and how you’re progressing. We’re your support system, too!