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Slices of honey cake next to a jar of honey

Paleo Honey Cake

dairy-free desserts gluten-free paleo Sep 20, 2022

Raise your hand if you knew that September is National Honey Month? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Let's continue this sweet month in a sweet way with our Paleo Honey Cake recipe.

Did you know that raw, unpasteurized honey is antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal? If you have a bad cough, a spoonful of raw honey will quiet it. How about as a treatment for cuts and scrapes? Put a dab of honey on your ouchie, cover it with a band-aid, and it will start the healing process just as if you had put some Neosporin on it.

Not all honey possesses these healing properties. Mr. Honey Bear is probably the kind that’s been heat pasteurized – put it back on the shelf. Instead, reach for the RAW honey. This kind of honey will be semi-solid at room temperature and kind of grainy in texture. If you need to soften or melt it for a recipe, you can either place some in a bowl over warm-hot water or quickly warm the honey in the microwave (10 seconds should do the trick).

Guess what? The flavor of honey is not universal. The types of flowers from which the bees gather pollen will determine the flavor and color profile. We suggest you stop by your local farmer’s market and see if there is someone selling honey. That way you can sample the various flavors and get a honey education. Double win!

In the meanwhile, enjoy our easy-to-make Paleo Honey Cake. It’s made with only 8 ingredients (yep, no long list of ingredients we can’t pronounce, like the cakes you find at the market). Real, whole ingredients allow the only source of sugar, honey, to shine. And, none of the ingredients contain gluten in them! This baked good is so moist and fluffy and makes us go “Mmmm” when it hits our taste buds.

Since this “cake” has some nutritional value and has a healthy twist, we think it’s okay to have a slice when you wake up or even as a snack. Of course, you can still enjoy our honey cake at the end of the night for dessert. Let us know how you like it!