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plate with shredded cabbage, cut up cucumber, sliced red pepper, shredded carrots, sliced green onion and goji berries

Spicy Thai Crunch Salad with Goji Berries

dairy-free gluten-free grain-free lunch/dinner salads Mar 09, 2022

Do you love Thai food? We do! It's probably because the sauces are so flavorful. Especially the peanut sauce. Yum. We've used that as inspiration for our Spicy Thai crunch salad with goji berries. It's sweet, spicy, crunchy, and oh so satisfying! 

Our ultimate Thai Crunch Salad is packed with colorful veggies (because you eat with your eyes first) and edamame for the protein (you can add tofu, chicken, or shrimp). And every salad needs a sweet component to balance out the flavors – hello, goji berries. But the chewy nature of goji berries right out of the bag left a lot to be desired. The trick to delicious goji berries is to soak them in water so they become plump and sweet!

The result was a nutritious and delicious salad that got thumbs up from adults and kids. And we know it can be difficult to get kids (and sometimes adults) to love a salad. So we took this is as a big win!

It’s a no-brainer why this salad was such a hit… there are sweet, savory, salty, and spicy flavors… there are crunchy and smoothy textures… there is protein and antioxidants and vitamins. So. Delicious.

If you are allergic to peanuts, then you can substitute almond or cashew butter or even sunflower seed butter (we love the whole line of 88 Acres sunflower seed butter). We love all the possible substitutions you can make for this recipe to tailor it to your specific tastes and needs.