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3 dark chocolate truffles balls

3 Ingredient Decadent Dark Chocolate Date Truffles

dairy-free desserts gluten-free grain-free Feb 01, 2022

Who loves chocolate?

Dumb question. It really should read, “Who doesn’t love chocolate?” If you are not a chocolate lover, then stop right now and find another Delicious Recipes to read (there’s plenty!).

Chocolate lovers, we give you the nutritious and delicious (and ridiculously easy to make) dark chocolate date truffle!

 Impress your partner, loved one, friends, neighbors, co-workers with our truffles. Mmm, you can’t get anything better than homemade rich, decadent chocolate bites.

Be fair-warned…these will be gone before you know it. The kids couldn’t stop eating them and of course, we had to help ourselves to a chocolate truffle every time we passed by the refrigerator. Yes, they’re that good.

We also tried making these truffles with dried mission figs. We thought they were pretty good, but really enjoyed the taste of the dates much more. Next time we are going to try dried apricots in one batch and dried tart cherries in another. Let us know if you try any of these alternatives!

And for those of you who are gluten-free, these are for you. If you are also dairy-free, then substitute dairy-free chocolate chips, such as Hu Dark Chocolate Baking Gems. We want everyone to join in on this tasty chocolate goodness, and now you can.

Did we mention yet that our truffles are ridiculously easy to make? All you need are three ingredients… seems like a no-brainer any time you need a quick hit of chocolate.

Feel free to add toppings from there, like sprinkles or coconut flakes! Toppings can make these truffles look even prettier and add more texture. We eat with our eyes too, you know.


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