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two women in workout clothing. One of the woman is holding a kettle bell doing a lunge while the other is correcting her form.

Try Our Successful Fat-Blasting Circuit!

lifestyle workouts Dec 25, 2019

You work out at least three days a week and watch what you eat, but the scale doesn’t budge and your clothes aren’t getting any looser. What’s wrong with this picture?

Your body is stuck in neutral and as a result, you aren’t seeing the results you desire. Well, it’s time to kick it into a higher gear and blast away the fat! Check out our number one tip that will help you rock that new little black dress.


Most of the time your body needs a break between hard workouts, as it’s during rest that the big changes are happening. But a few times a year, you need to shock your body by putting it through back-to-back-to-back intense circuit training days. The idea is to overload your muscles to keep them guessing and to bust you off of that plateau you’ve been sitting on for way too long. For the next four weeks, do three consecutive days of the following circuit with little or no rest in between each move.


To perform this fat-blasting circuit, do 12 reps of each exercise before moving immediately on to the next exercise. Rest for 2 minutes at the end of the circuit and repeat the entire thing 2 more times. For the plank pose, hold it for 1 minute. Use heavy enough weights so that the 12th rep of each move is tough to do. Don’t pick too-light weights – push yourself. You can do it!

  • Pushups – on toes or knees
  • Squats holding at least 10 lb. weight
  • Military presses (stand on one leg or an upside down BOSU for a challenge that will work your core)
  • Plie squats holding at least 10 lb. weight
  • Bicep curls (stand on one leg for a challenge)
  • One-legged dead lift (left leg stationary, right leg lifted behind you) – if you can’t balance on one leg without breaking form, do a standard Romanian deadlift on both legs
  • Triceps dips on a bench (make it harder by placing your feet on a bench or the rounded part of a Bosu ball)
  • One-legged dead lift (right leg stationary, left leg lifted behind you) – same as earlier, do a standard Romanian deadlift if you can’t balance on one leg without breaking form
  • Dumbbell side (lateral) raises
  • Curtsy lunge (left leg front)
  • Dumbbell row (left arm)
  • Curtsy lunge (right leg front)
  • Dumbbell row (right arm)
  • Plank

Remember, working out at this kind of intensity is NOT something you should do everyday. The body needs rest days and a variety of workouts, including, but not limited to HIIT, resistance/weight training, yoga, pilates, and deep stretching. On the other days of the week, keep your workouts lower in intensity – go for a long/easy walk, pilates, yoga, or a low-resistance ride on a stationary bike.

If you are new to exercise, it’s best to establish a baseline of your fitness level before you decide to push or challenge yourself. If you are not familiar with weight training, consider investing in a few sessions with a personal trainer, who can teach you the right way to lift weights to prevent injury and achieve great results.